Home Buyer Trends That Effect Real Estate in 2016

Charleston Homes for SaleEach year it seems that trends in the real estate market appear and then disappear as fast as they arrived. In 2016 we are seeing a trend that appears to have some legs, and this is going to be very good for buyers across all different price points. If you are not yet familiar with the real estate rebate and you are in the market for a new home, then this information from Charleston real estate professionals -will impact your buying decision greatly.

The Real Estate Rebate/Commission
The real estate commission has been growing in popularity because the market is once again heating up. With limited houses on the market and a number of realtors to choose from, these agents have come up with a way to separate themselves from the pack. The real estate rebate is nothing more than a buyer incentive in the form of cash at closing, to work with a particular agent. You work with this agent, they agree to give you a nice chunk of their commission at closing. Free money at closing tends to sweeten just about any deal.

The Uses for the Free Money
The uses for the real estate rebate are numerous for the home buyer. No longer will the buyer have to limp into their new home penniless after paying all those fees at the closing. Being handed cash that could number the thousands can really help to bridge that gap from closing to first paycheck. The money can be used to cover moving expenditures, food, home repairs, utility deposits, painting, landscaping, anything that will cost the new homeowner those first few days and weeks in their new home.

Negotiating the Real Estate Commission
Now not every agent is going to be advertising the fact they offer the rebate, it is in fact a huge chunk of the money they make for selling the house. That being said, if you go in prepared and explain to the realtor that if they were willing to offer the rebate in such a percentage you would work with them, they will jump at the chance to have your business and you get the benefit of knowing you have some cash coming your way at the close of the deal.

The real estate rebate can help to eliminate money concerns about first month bills, deposits, and closing fees. Knowing you have a check coming at the closing will even help to make the buying experience enjoyable all the way around.

How Real Estate Rebates are Making Buying A Home Less Expensive

Real Estate REbatesOne of the popular real estate trends this year is the real estate rebates. This commission, or rebate, is offered to the buyer by the real estate agent in the hopes they will purchase their home through the agent and their agency. For making the commitment to work with the agent, the home buyer is rewarded at closing with a monetary reward that can be quite substantial.

Here are some of the reasons the real estate rebate is making home buying less expensive:

1. Buying Bigger Homes – Perhaps the home buyer is at their limit and can not compete with a higher priced market for the home they truly want. When a real estate agent offers a cash rebate at closing, the buyer can utilize that money in advance and go for the bigger home knowing they will be reimbursed at the close of the deal.

2. Starting Off on the Right Foot – For many home buyers, the day of closing is very costly. In many cases, these buyers are coming up with enormous amounts of cash at closing, walking out of the lawyer office with their new keys and not much of anything else. The real estate rebate on a $300,000 house is approximately $3,000, and that money can go a long way those first few weeks in the house paying for food, moving costs, repairs, and new furniture.

3. Paying Costly Expenditures – Another way that the real estate rebate can benefit the home buyer, the agent can offer the rebate in the form of services for free. Instead of the potential buyer having to pay for home inspections, closing costs, or surveys, the agent can pay for those out-of-pocket instead of the cash at closing. This allows the potential buyer to not have to keep forking out hundreds of dollars during the lengthy buying process.

4. Aggressive Real Estate Agent – When the real estate agent is willing to hand over a huge percentage of their commission as part of the real estate rebate, they are obviously making less on the transaction. This means they want to work harder and faster to close the deal, and this means you will not have to be part of a long and drawn out closing due to a very busy real estate agent.

The real estate rebate is beneficial for the home buyer in many ways. Finding the house of your dreams and getting handed cash at closing can really help to get your new journey off on the right path.

Boat Buying Tips for That Will Save You Money

Boats for sale in your areaThe days before you pick up your boat you are filled with both anticipation and excitement. The idea of getting out on the water with family and friends is thrilling, but your mind is often clouded with fun times and not saving. Before you start you search for boats for sale, consider the following boat buying tips to help you spend less now and enjoy more when the time comes to get out on the high seas.

Buy New vs. Used
Although the idea of owning a new boat is appealing, you might want to just consider a used boat before you make this purchase. Each year there are boaters who got in over their heads and want out of their boats as quickly as possible. Get your best price for a new boat and then compare it to the used boat plus added accessories. Most people selling a boat within the first year got in too deep after buying gear, accessories, and toys they can use with the boat. Not only is the cost of the slightly used boat cheaper, you can score depth finders, fishing equipment, boat trailer, safety equipment, and any additions the boat owner bought to increase the fun with their boat.

Selling vs. Asking Price
Like any major purchase, the asking price is only what the seller hopes to get for the item up for sale. It is often assumed some haggling is going to take place, so you have the chance to negotiate a better deal. In the case of a new boat from the dealer, even if you can not get the price to come down, many dealers will throw in things like engine upgrades and accessories to sweeten the deal. The only way you can get these upgrades or a cheaper price is by asking, the dealer is not going to just come out and lower their price.

Getting a Smaller Boat
New boat owners quickly jump into a boat that is often too big for what they needed in the first place. Not only is it costing more, you get robbed of the experience when the boat is too big and it becomes more of a burden than a toy. When choosing the boat, go smaller because you can always upgrade down the road. If you ever have to sell, selling a smaller boat is easier than trying to find the right buyer for a used large boat. Many times a smaller boat will do just fine, and not drain you of savings while you enjoy your time out on the water.<iframe width=”854″ height=”480″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/MKUpUl0v2M4″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

What is the “Beauty Bar”

bEAUTYbARMy tuck is REALLY AWAY!” a Bar Method pupil named Sally wrote me. “I understand that if I could actually get down the tuck, it’d help keep me powerful and totally safe …” The “ tuck is a Bar Method posture that participates pupils core muscles that are ’ – while it enables their lower backs to relax specifically the glutes, abs and upper back –. Pupils like Sally must get from the habit of accidentally contracting their back muscles when they participate their glutes to get the tuck”.

Sallie is correct about the need for learning great coordination. Just how you go, like carriage that is great, plays a huge part in how you are feeling as well as how great you appear. Take yourself gracefully, and you’ll come across as more confident and appealing. The Bar Method gives you the capacity to gain this characteristic in two ways. Common among exercise techniques and second – – it educates you great coordination, which can be your head/body link’s skill to select the right muscles that are potential to rest those you don’t want, and to use for each move.
Why do folks use muscles that are unneeded?  Other reasons might be poor motion routines picked up keeping mental stress in specific muscles, or during youth.   Read more on the mind body connection: http://www.health.com/mind-body

Whatever the cause, if you have had serious athletic training, a lot of muscles are likely unnecessarily used by you at least. What’re the most difficult muscles for most Bar Method pupils to turn off? They’re the ones in the lower back, which will be why many other pupils and Sally discover the tuck position so subtle in the beginning. The reason lower back muscles have so much difficulty letting go generally is that our glutes become feeble and, yes, idle and so spend much in their time resting in seats. To counteract this happening, Bar Method teachers use an arsenal including visual vision, mild hands on breathing exercises, regular reminders, and alterations.

Patience is taken by retraining muscle tissue to work more economically. You must truly rewire your brain circuits in some instances in order that the your brain doesn’t send your lower back and glutes” when you truly needed to just contract your glutes to the message “contract.

Here are four suggestions on the best way to enhance your dexterity during any course:

  1. Make an effort to look at yourself -suppositions on which you see. Make an effort to see if your back is on or perpendicular an angle and if your back is straight or arched
  2. Exhale forcefully and deeply with each representative. If you allow it to help you your diaphragm can allow you to get in better touch with your core muscles. Attempt puffing out gently through your lips you’ll discover that your back muscles will often discharge, and as you work in your form and your ab muscles will begin to take over.
  3. He or she will be happy to direct the body into the right places.
  4. Remain alert during class. Avoid letting your thoughts wander. Return to your own breathing when it does. Your mental focus that is additional can work wonders on your own type.
    It’s an enormous endeavor that, with persistence and patience, will transform your system.