Boat Buying Tips for That Will Save You Money

Boats for sale in your areaThe days before you pick up your boat you are filled with both anticipation and excitement. The idea of getting out on the water with family and friends is thrilling, but your mind is often clouded with fun times and not saving. Before you start you search for boats for sale, consider the following boat buying tips to help you spend less now and enjoy more when the time comes to get out on the high seas.

Buy New vs. Used
Although the idea of owning a new boat is appealing, you might want to just consider a used boat before you make this purchase. Each year there are boaters who got in over their heads and want out of their boats as quickly as possible. Get your best price for a new boat and then compare it to the used boat plus added accessories. Most people selling a boat within the first year got in too deep after buying gear, accessories, and toys they can use with the boat. Not only is the cost of the slightly used boat cheaper, you can score depth finders, fishing equipment, boat trailer, safety equipment, and any additions the boat owner bought to increase the fun with their boat.

Selling vs. Asking Price
Like any major purchase, the asking price is only what the seller hopes to get for the item up for sale. It is often assumed some haggling is going to take place, so you have the chance to negotiate a better deal. In the case of a new boat from the dealer, even if you can not get the price to come down, many dealers will throw in things like engine upgrades and accessories to sweeten the deal. The only way you can get these upgrades or a cheaper price is by asking, the dealer is not going to just come out and lower their price.

Getting a Smaller Boat
New boat owners quickly jump into a boat that is often too big for what they needed in the first place. Not only is it costing more, you get robbed of the experience when the boat is too big and it becomes more of a burden than a toy. When choosing the boat, go smaller because you can always upgrade down the road. If you ever have to sell, selling a smaller boat is easier than trying to find the right buyer for a used large boat. Many times a smaller boat will do just fine, and not drain you of savings while you enjoy your time out on the water.<iframe width=”854″ height=”480″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>